Welcome to this page. Here we focus on teaching a history lesson about 'Mahabalipuram' - a UNESCO world heritage site.

This site includes support materials for teachers including lesson plan, teaching and assessment resources. The material can be accessed through a standard top navigation menu . The lesson plans are included as PDF files that can be saved and printed. The other elements of this portion of the site can be printed by selecting Print from the File menu in the web browser. The history lesson on Mahabalipuram has the following objectives :

  1. Chronological thinking -  interpret data presented and create time lines
  2. Historical research capabilities  - obtain historical data from a variety of sources and support interpretations with historical evidence
  3. Archaeological Thinking Skills - conservation of artifacts and causal analysis of deprecation

How to use this web page?

  • On the top menu panel there are links to two pages - 'Lesson Plans' and 'Resources'
  • Lesson Plan -  3 lesson plans for the topic and a field trip instruction
  • Resources -  are categorized according to the lesson and are downloadable for instructors and learners