Below is the list of lesson plans for the 3 lessons and a field trip instruction. Each lesson is about 30-35 min. The lesson plan consists of the following with  time breakpoints:

  • Title
  • Materials/Equipment required
  • Goal :  Concepts, Learning Objectives and Formative Assessment
  • Lesson Pre-read : Instructions/Material reference for learner to read before the lesson along-with the expected outcome
  • Lesson Development : Presentation of content with student involvement
  • Lesson Ending : Instruction on Formative assessment, review , closure and a preview of next lesson
  • References : Citations to the material used during the lesson

With the above contents, there are additional heads provided for mode, special adaptations, anticipated difficulties and reflection. These heads are provided for instructors so that after the lesson they can record their observation which can be  inputs for the next instructor.

The lesson plans are available in pdf format which can be downloaded and used as direct instruction script.

Lesson1.pdf Lesson1.pdf
Size : 21.965 Kb
Type : pdf
Lesson2.pdf Lesson2.pdf
Size : 22.658 Kb
Type : pdf
Lesson3.pdf Lesson3.pdf
Size : 23.285 Kb
Type : pdf
Field Trip.pdf Field Trip.pdf
Size : 20.174 Kb
Type : pdf